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Ates Africa – Tourism and Safaris


In the need to immerse myself in this country, to meet its beautiful people and culture, I discovered my passion for traveling, which led me to study tourism and convert this vocation into a profession. This gave me the opportunity to share my experiences around this wonderful country with different people and then give life to Ates Africa (Angelica Turismo Espanol).

Dedicated to the creation of experiences since 2012, our main objective is to make our travelers’ dreams come true.

Our Mission

ATES Africa seeks to offer an incomparable experience in the beautiful country of South Africa and its surroundings. We are committed to providing quality, safety, and the best pricing on our services according to the needs of our customers.

Our Vision

It is to strengthen our position as a leading tourism company, to manage all kinds of travel needs where possible and to continue to offer high-quality, creative and socially responsible services in South Africa.

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