Sandy dunes and expansive deserts

The sandy dunes and expansive deserts of Namibia will provide you with endless memories that are both humbling and wonderful. Namibia is known for the plentitude of red-orange sand dunes in the Namib Desert, some of which you can hike to watch the sunrise and witness the sunrays hit the peaks of dunes.



Stand amongst the idyllic dead trees of Sossusvlei and feel the history of the area around you.

Adrenaline Activities in Swakopmund

The famous red-orange sand dunes of Namibia are not only great for photo opportunities – they make awesome settings for adrenaline junkies to feel right at home. Go fast and furious through the dunes, either riding a 4×4 bike or sliding down on your sand board!


In Southern Namibia lies a ghost town called Kolmanskop where you will feel time stand still. Originally built by the influx of diamond miners in the area, the town of Kolmanskop was abandoned in the early 1930s. Many of these abandoned homes are filled knee-deep with sand, perfect for taking beautiful, eerie photographs of this once-bustling ghost village.