Ates Africa

Southern Africa Tours & Safaris

ATES Africa seeks to offer an incomparable experience in the beautiful country of South Africa and its surroundings.
We handle the complete logistics of group and individual itineraries including transportation, lodging and activities in Southern Africa.
Our tours are guided in English and Spanish.

We create unique experiences, and unforgetable trips


We offer a variety of activities that you can add to your itinerary, while you visit South Africa’s most popular cities and destinations.


Enjoy the immensity of the woods, natural parks, rivers, beaches that will take your breath away, and small towns so paradisiac that they look as if they came out of a movie.


Immerse yourself in Africa, and discover places that you thought only existed in your imagination. If you like exclusivity, we offer safaris tailored to your taste.

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How Ates Africa is handling COVID - 19

To support the global efforts, as well as South African efforts, of stopping this global pandemic, local, regional and international tours have been postponed. Although no tours are running, we are still hard at work behind the scenes to ensure our clients are able to experience a once in a lifetime visit to the beautiful country of South Africa in the near future.

We hope that everyone remains  safe and healthy during this time. Let's use this period to focus on the positive and be kind to other people in the world.

Let Mother Nature take a break. Stay home. We look forward to welcoming everyone to South Africa once more in the near future.