Chapman´s Peak sunset


I enjoyed a moment, which despite being ancient like the earth,  gave us the feeling of the first time.  Carried by a sunset in Chapman’s Peak that was in its full splendor.  With its  beautiful roundness the star king shined coppery orange and almost metallic, so bright that it dyed the cliffs with its deep light. 

Minute by  minute,  the sunset painted a path of fire on the sea, so solid that it invited us to walk on it and advance along the infinite path towards the sun. 

Second by second it dipped down, drowning in the ocean which gradually dimmed its light to resurface on the other latitud, lighting others beaches, mountains and faces.

It left in me the blindigness of its light and the feelings of a calmness that gives the pleasure of small things. 

¡Come on and tell us about your own experience of a sunset!

Chapman´s Peak Ates Africa
Chapman´s Peak Ates Africa12

A little bit more about Chapman’s Peak. 

This icon of the Cape’s sunset was built in 1915 and was one of the biggest challenges for  the engineers due to the flat sedimentary rocks which are a world renowned geological unconformity plate area. 

Through the route, you can find two kinds of Fynbos (Sandstone and Cape Granite) endangered species despite its great strength to survive and endemic to the Cape peninsula, home to a diverse array of  fauna.  

In addition to calmly enjoying this road, you can experience hiking trails in the Silvermine  reserve and in Table Mountain National Park.



We recommend visiting their coastal towns, having a coffee in their terraces, driving through hundreds of bends that border the rocky coast  and enjoy its splendid blue waters.

Remember to photograph the bay for its multiple viewpoints and more importantly,  to fall in love with the beautiful sunsets

¡Very close to Cape Town to spend a great day!

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