Ais Ais National Park – Namibia


I felt that my days were ending. So, I listened to the call to reflect upon my worn-out life, which I made the most of or not depending on how you look at it. So, I set out on the inner search which for a long time I had not visited.

I decided to undertake the journey back to the essence, with absolute certainty that I would find the meaning of my life. 

My reflective trip became a sharing of experiences with my travel mate and sister at the same time. Little by little all those magic places were recorded in my mind, all of them stained with reality, because even though they were authentic it seemed that I was floating in a sweet dream with a feeling that it may not be true.

desierto Namibia

The primeval smell of desert dust awakened emotions and audacity in my sad being and in every corner which I stepped in I listened to the grandfather’s tales about  distant lands and warm colours, full of brave life and accustomed to live what the little that mother earth gave them.

So, I understood the search on the way and with who we share the journey, I discovered the importance of the people with whom doing the trip and also I realised that our happiness is the filter that lets us decide to put to into every situation which puts us to the test during our  ephemeral time on Earth. 

to live, to live, to live

atardecer Namibia sunset

The National Park Ais Ais in Namibia was a shot of vitality to my delicate health. Months ago, I had been diagnosed with cancer that would not be the first. The prognosis was unpredictable, as is usual in this kind of situation. I have wanted to share my tale as an apprentice to my grandfather Marco, who sowed curiosity and passion to travel and wisely told us stories about far lands, sunsets that were impossible to forget, wild animals, rough seas and endearing people.


I found all of this in Namibia.


Postscript: My sister Angelica, who is a tour guide in South Africa, made  this trip possible through the Namibian desert. Two weeks of routes in which we found wild animals within an environment as idyllic and just as demanding, an oasis with beautiful birds, thief monkeys and pastel skies that were sometimes reddish, as if they were on fire.

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