Top Instagram Spots in Cape Town

Best Instagram spots in Cape Town

Everyone loves a good photo opportunity and Cape Town is full of them. As soon as you land, you know that you will find beautiful glimpses of nature and the vivid colors of South African culture at almost every turn. The vibrancy of both the history and the culture of the country is reflected in beaches and neighborhoods across the city, while the majestic Table Mountain can be found in the background of almost every photo. You may find yourself overwhelmed with all the different scenarios and photos you can take while exploring Cape Town and its surroundings. So we rounded up some of our favorite spots to take photos around Cape Town! Check them out below and let us know if we missed your favorite!

Bo Kaap

The Bo-Kaap community of Cape Town has a rich Cape Malay culture and is known for its brightly coloured houses and cobblestone streets. Walk through the streets among the houses and you’ll see the neighborhood is filled with bright colors, all worthy of a photo opportunity. As with any other communities you visit as a traveller, be respectful to the predominantly Muslim community in the Bo-kaap area as you walk around taking photos and try to support local business. 

While you’re at it: Visit the Bo Kaap Museum for history and Atlas Trading Company for spices

Robben Island

On a significant piece of South African history, you will also find one of the best views of Table Mountain. After the ferry to Robben Island, hop on a shuttle tour of the former political prison and stop at the classic yellow picture frame perfectly framing Table Mountain in the distance.

While you’re at it: Robben Island is a historical symbol of the apartheid era, having been the imprisoned home of Nelson Mandela for 27 years. While searching for this epic photo spot, you should actually immerse yourself in the recent history of South Africa and learn about the struggles of political prisoners during the apartheid era. Don’t just snap the pic and check out of the rest of the experience. Try to wait to add the filters and post to your feed until you’ve finished this immersive experience.

Lion’s Head

For a 360 view of Cape Town, reach the top of the infamous Lion’s Head mountain. Loved by tourists and locals alike, Lion’s Head is a great way to see the views of the Mother City from a different perspective. Once at the top, you either have the Atlantic Seaboard on one side, Table Mountain on the other, and the Cape Flats in the distance past the CBD. 

While you’re at it: Part of the fun is the journey itself. Enjoy this challenging hike as you climb your way up to the top of Lion’s Head to capture that picture-perfect view. Challenge yourself further by trying the chains and ladders!

Kirstenbosch Gardens

If your Instagram feed often has a theme of greenery and nature then look no further than Kirstenbosch Gardens. Set at the foot of Devil’s Peak, based in the Southern Suburbs side of the mountain, these botanical gardens are filled with exotic trees and plant species with a stunning backdrop of Table Mountain at almost every turn. Snap your Instagram photo on any pathway around the gardens and you’re bound to have an exquisite plant, flower, tree or succulent photo-bombing. 

While you’re at it: Walk the tree canopy walkway, which is a curved snake-like steel and timber bridge that takes you from the forest floor through the trees and 12 metres above ground.

St. James Beach

As you know by now, South Africa, otherwise known as the Rainbow Nation, doesn’t shy away from vibrant colors. For an epic photo of rows of colorful surf shack houses with an ocean backdrop, head to St. James Beach. These wooden Victorian bathing houses have colorful roofs, doors, and frames that are purposely mismatched to add to their charm; they are a delightful backdrop for local beachgoers on a hot summer’s day.

While you’re at it: Enjoy the man-made rock tidal pool at the beach. The raised borders create perfect calm conditions without losing the ocean feel. Make a day out of this Instagram spot and enjoy some beachtime; be sure to bring sunscreen and your own refreshments! 

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